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Posted By: Joe Offer
05-Sep-04 - 01:24 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Nancy Brown / Rolling Down the Mountain
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: nancy brown
Gargoyle sent in a couple of tunes for this one - links are up top. The Traditional Ballad Index calls this one "She Came Rollin' Down the Mountain":

She Came Rollin' Down the Mountain

DESCRIPTION: A young woman takes a succession of men up the hills of West Virginny to engage in an act of prostitution, after which she comes rollin' down the mountain.
AUTHOR: Buddy DeSylva, Brown and Henderson
KEYWORDS: sex whore bawdy
REFERENCES (1 citation):
Randolph-Legman II, p. 604, "She Came Rollin' Down the Mountain" (1 partial text)
Blue Ridge Mountain Girls, "She Came Rollin' Down the Mountain" (Champion 16743, 1934)
Notes: There is an allusion to the onset of the Depression, dating the song to approximately 1930. This formerly popular song is of questionable oral currency. - EC
There's a commercial version, presumably cleaned-up (or the original from which the bawdy version is derived). See the Blue Ridge Mountain Girls' recording. - PJS
File: RL604

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The Ballad Index Copyright 2004 by Robert B. Waltz and David G. Engle.

Randolph-Legman quotes only one verse of nine recorded by Randolph in 1942 (the DT has five verses):Randolph-Legman says the song is variously titled "Nancy Brown" and "The West Virginia Hills," but the original version of the song is "She Came Rollin' down the Mountain," copyrighted in 1932 by the composers, Buddy DeSilva, Brown and Henderson. A six-stanza parody was published in 1952 by Elliot Springs, to advertise his "Spring Maid" bedsheets.

The only versions I could find with a Google search appear to come from the Digital Tradition - a song Dick Greenhaus remembers from his salad days. I think I heard Dick sing this one late night. Looks like there are more versions of this song to find, friends. Can we find the original, and how 'bout that bedsheet version?
-Joe Offer-