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Posted By: Ferret
21-Oct-99 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Patronising jokes about Americans
Subject: RE: Patronising jokes about Americans
Now who said that Americans were thick skinned and could not be easily wound up? Wrong. Got you!

Lamarca. Here, here.

As for Jerry springer, in an interview I herd with him he said that the saddest thing about his program was the people that watch it. As for US aid to the UK we were still paying the bill for it years later.[It was not Free help] And we left our dead in Burma and the rest of the Pacific as well.

Gint As I am the one out of us that is dyslexic you ought to no better than to get Tintagel wrong.

And the fall story of the Cornish pastes was.

A friend of mine, Dave xxxxx [to protect the guilty] was asked what all the holes in the walls of Tintagel castle were. [Where the scaffolding went] So Dave never missing an opportunity to wined some one up said.

D] Have you not heard of the famous Cornish pastes.

A] Yes said the American.

D] Well that is where they nest at night.

A] Where can I see them.

D] In the daytime they are at sea but wen they cum back to there nest's at dusk you get a hell of a fight with the sea gulls.

A] Can I get in to the castle to take some pix of this.

D] Well you will have to go to the English heritage warden of the castle and arks.

Well off he went, the next day the warden came up to Dave and said why did you send that American to me with that story of the pasty's

It seemed like it would be good for a lark, did you tell him.

No said the warden, I sold him a ticket for £25.00 to sit in the castle all night.

D] Well don't tell me off then for winding him up.

Now I don't want to sagest that all Americans are gullible, but some American are. And I do not think it was right to take the man's money no mater how gullible.

But that is the whole story.

I was on the cliffs at Dover [the white cliffs] working all one summer [so not for long. It was an English summer] and I had an American asked if I would tell him where he could see the blue birds and it was difficult to get him to understand that the nearest blue birds were 3000/5000 miles west of here.

I had a German ask why all of the gunimplements were there on the cliffs pointing out to sea. Well what can you say to that? They were to blow the s**t out of your county men, no I think not. So I gust said I don't know.

No Americans are easy to wind up but the Irish are the easiest but that hurt's.

The chat show with the US as a lake is the Jeramy Clarkson show it is good, and he has a go at every body. And if it were not for you Americans we would have had a lot less dead in the gulf. Not so much the man on the ground, but the 'blind' trust in Hi Tec.

All the best ferret