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Posted By: ThreeSheds
05-Sep-04 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: 60/70s guitars
Subject: 60/70s guitars
I've noticed a few threads in praise of EKO guitars and obviously many people have a great affection for them. I have a guitar that was bought in far off days before the arrival of the Yamaha FG 180 when if you were serious about guitars you aspired to EKOs Hoyers or if you had unbounded wealth Levins The guitar that grabbed my attention was a Hawk and fetured a broomstick handle for a neck ( I think the neck is the reson I instincevely capo guitars at 4th fret) and a whacking lump of cast brass for a saddle Despite the fact that the kerfing is the wrong way round and the original machine head disintegrated into brass filings decades ago this guitar refuses to die and can even sound good. I have only once ever seen a similar guitar, a friend had a hawk 12 fret 12 string with an action normally seen on a longbow. Does anyone else have one of these beasts?