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Posted By: Jim Dixon
05-Sep-04 - 10:06 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sam got a job on the railroad
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Sam got a job on the railroad
I found this posted at a Google Answers thread about "school songs":

Sambo had an uncle, an uncle very rich.
One day he said to Sambo, "I'll give you two and six."
Sambo feeling thirsty, went into a shop.
Ten lemonades and ten ginger beers, and then he went off, pop!

CHORUS: Bang....
More work for the undertaker,
Another little job for the tombstone maker.
In the local cemetery, on the tombstone you will see:
"Sambo the brave and free pegs out."

Sambo had an auntie, an auntie very poor.
One day she said to Sambo, "Get down and scrub that floor."
Sambo, feeling tired, went upstairs to bed.
He tried to climb the banisters, but fell down on his head.

Sambo joined the railway, at this he had no hope.
He tried to scrub the railway line with a bar of mouldy soap.
Along came a runaway engine and pushed him on the track.
He just rolled up his mouldy sleeves and tried to push it back.

* * *
And another version on the same page:

Sambo joined the railway. His heart was full of hope.
He tried to scrub the railway line with a bar of Sunlight soap.
Up came a big express train right in Sambo's face,
And would you believe it? He rolled up his sleeves and he pushed that engine back.

CHORUS: Slap bang, more work for the undertaker,
Seven and six for the tombstone maker.
Off to the local cemetery.
On his tombstone you will see:
"Sambo, that's me. I'm free."

* * *

This radio playlist features a 1901 Edison Cylinder called MORE WORK FOR THE UNDERTAKER performed by Dan W Quinn advertises a songbook called "An Evening at the Music Hall" which contains MORE WORK FOR THE UNDERTAKER.

This site offers to send an mp3 file on request.