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06-Sep-04 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: A Working Chap (Mike Waterson)
Subject: Lyr Req: WORKING CHAP (WHAT A CRIME) (M Waterson)

1st and last line of fisrt verse repeated in each verse
Words I'm not sure of are in italics

When I was a working chap, once upon a time
I was a tailor bold and I made these goods so fine
We cut the suits to fit the cloth, it was sometimes neat but most times rough
We quickly learned our caps to doff
Sweet Jesus, what a crime

verse 2

I was a fisherman and I fished the foaming brine
And there were good fish in the sea but could we catch them?
No, not we, god bless the EEC

verse 3

I was a collier bold and I worked deep down the mine
They gave me my redundancy, they could by coal cheaper overseas
From Columbian pits in slavery

verse 4

I made tools of Sheffield steel and kept their edge so fine
And when redundancy came round, on me bike a job I found
Pulling other factories down

verse 5

I was a farmer's boy and I worked rain, hail and shine
They gave the gaffer a big fat sum, for setting aside on his big fat bum
Christ, this was all he'd ever done

verse 6

I kept me head well down and I wasted me prime
Don't be like me, do what you can, join the union leave the band
Before they crucify the working man

(Mike Waterson)