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Posted By: KateG
08-Sep-04 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Looking for a beautiful guitar
Subject: RE: Looking for a beautiful guitar
While you're fooling around, check out the Martin 00015-S - the baby in their 12 fret slot head line. Not an eye popper, but the sound is amazing. I spent an afternoon at Mando Brothers, playing virtually all of their 12-fret slots, and just kept coming back to the 15-S. My budget went well above it, and the looks didn't enthrall me, but there was something about the tone. It was richer and warmer that everything else I played, except perhaps one of the really high-end Collins - which were out of my price range. In addition to my mediocre playing, I asked a fellow customer who was doing some mind-bending fingerstyle blues to play it and my other short-list instruments, and we all agreed it was the one to buy: in fact, he got one too! I could wish it had a real sound hole rosette, or none, instead of a tacky decal...but after all an instrument is about sound, and I've never regretted the purchase. Of course, every instrument is its own individual, and I might make a different choice given a different batch of guitars. But worth a check at any rate.