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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Sep-04 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Origin: A-Roving on a Winter's Night (female versn
Subject: ADD: My Dearest Dear
Although we have a tangled web of related songs, we're missing one that actually carries the title of "My Dearest Dear." this is #40 from Eighty English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians (Sharp/Karpeles, 1968)
My Dearest Dear

My dearest dear, the time draws near
When I and you must part.
And no one knows the inner grief
Of my poor aching heart
Or what I suffer for your sake
For the one I love so dear.
I wish that I could go with you
Or you would tarry here.

I wish your breast were made of glass
And in't I might behold;
Your name in secret I would write
In letters of bright gold.
Your name in secret I would write,
Pray believe me what I say;
You are the man that I'll love best
Unto my dying day.

But when you're on some distant shore,
Think on your absent friend.
And when the wind blows high and clear
A line or two pray send;
And when the wind blows high and clear
Pray send it, love to me,
That I may know by your hand-write
How times have gone with thee.

Sung by Mrs. Mary Sands at Allanstand, North Carolina

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