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Posted By: harpgirl
22-Oct-99 - 09:53 AM
Thread Name: I am humbled
Subject: RE: I am humbled
..I sit with grown men who cry in my office every day...they cry that they can't support their children if they are injured...they cry when their wives betray them with a lover...they cry when they get fired...they cry over chronic pain from on-the-job injuries...they cry when they lose fathers they never spoke intimately with...they cry when they finally marry and wish their mom was alive to see them being good husbands...they cry when they surpass their fathers dreams for them and when they fall short...they cry about the buddies they saw blown to bits in war...if only we could raise them in such a way that they could have an easier time sharing their deepest feelings...we do them a great disservice when we expect them to be invincible and all-powerful and all-knowing...I like and respect men....harpgirl