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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
09-Sep-04 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: Shaw tin whistles
Subject: RE: Shaw tin whistles
I love the Shaws. My favourite Low whistles are the Howard (early models) C & D respectively, but the Low D Shaw is wonderful - even though it takes 4 times the amount of wind that the Howards do.

With a 'standard' 4 line 16 bar tune, I can get all the way thru withe the Howards, and breath over, but the with the Shaw, I have to breathe after every 4 bars, or I run out well before the next 4 - interferes with the natural phrasing!

The Chieftains and the Susatos (conical and straight) Low D's have their uses too.

But I really love the breathy sound of the Shaws, especially for certain styles of music - I have all the pitch models they make. The Howards are an 'orchestral' sound, and purity of sound, much like a high quality recorder of the same pitch range - I can see why the Irish Sessions Musos didn't like them, and persuaded the maker to make them louder and more raucous!

As for smaller sizes, my best D is a slightly modified Chieftain. But the fastest responding, and for me the most difficult to get to sound cleanly at slow speed! is the "Little Black" D.