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Posted By: GUEST
13-Sep-04 - 07:21 AM
Thread Name: McGarrigle sisters' harmonies
Subject: RE: McGarrigle sisters' harmonies
I've not got it I'm afraid Nick. Nor has my mate up the road with the huge record collection.

1.) If you've got it on CD. Can you send me an extract (Intro verse and chorus ) by mp3? I think a full mp3 may exceed my email limits.

2.) Send me a copy by snail mail.

Another tactic they seem to use quite frequently is fiddle type harmonies.

hi part   e e e e | c d e d
lo part   g a b a | a a a a

It struck me that one of those ladies (the McGarrigles) can sing awfully deep - for a lady that is.

You'll find that they switch between different types of vocal movement quite often too.

Line 1.   Solo.
Line 2.   2 part Descant 3rds above tune.
Line 3.   Solo.
Line 4.   3 part.

Mixture of 3 and 4 part Unison and Harmonised stuff.
That's not a specific example - but if you listen you'll see what I mean. Complainte pour Ste Catherine for example.
My cookie is goosed so I'll PM you my email address.