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Posted By: Joybell
13-Sep-04 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Chicago Bust Rag (from Steve Goodman)
Subject: Lyr Add: CHICAGO BUST RAG (Greg Hildebrand)
Here is the song pasted from another thread. Is that ok Joe?

Joybell has dragged me out of my little outback humpy with the news that somebody wants the words to this song, which i wrote in 1966, and which Steve Goodman later recorded. the tune is a ragtime version of Stagger Lee.

Chicago 1966 (Hildebrand):

Saturday night/ I came home / what do you think i found! I
went to open my kitchen door, but the door was busted down.
looked inside my kitchen.....what do you think i see? I
saw four great big ugly men...they were standin there waitin for me

                                     and i said
burglars? gangsters? who the hell are YOU?   you
LOOK like a bunch of skidrow bums or monkeys from the zoo.
cause if it WASN't for the cut of your crummy clothes, which
leaves me in some doubt ..... I'd
say youre just a bunch of mafia hoods, sent over here to rub us out

                                       and they said
beatnik! junkie! doncha talk that way to me. we found your
roommate here with a stash of hash and cubes of LSD. found a
bottle of Miltown in your room, which means youre as good as dead !
IF you dont want your teeth knocked out, better
keep a civil tongue in your head.

                                           so i said
PO-leese, PO-leeae, by Christ i should have seen.
mafia men aint half as dumb, aint nowhere near as mean. so they
shoved me up against a wall and I just hollered DON'T! STOP!
YOU fellas hit me just one more time, and i
swear i'm gonna call a cop.

                                           so they said
reeeefer! reeeefer! hash and LSD!
just tell us where you get it, fellas, and we
promise to set you free. Well,
OFFICER, i dont know what you mean, you
seem to be in such a rush.......I
never set foot in this house before. would you
like to buy a Fuller Brush?

hipsters, vipers, ive got a few words for you. it's
election year in chicago town, and it's time to hide your boo. Cause
Tony Rigoni is a narco man, and he's got a nose for grass (Yas!)
IF he ever catches you turning on, you KNOW it's gonna be your ass.

(ive presented the words here in a way intended to give some indication of the phrasing and accents. GH)