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Posted By: jon a
23-Oct-99 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: Patronising jokes about Americans
Subject: RE: Patronising jokes about Americans
The fact that Jerry Springer is British may perhaps be the biggest joke at the expense of Americans ever, after all, they do pay for him that sewerage that they broadcast all over the known universe.

Katlaughing, I see from your admission of having voted for Bill Clinton, that you also have climbed to a higher awareness; and worked out that most politicians are asking not what they can do for their country but what their country can do for their (and their friend's) pocket's. I agree that they are mostly all as good or as bad as each other.(and anyway, what has someones sex life, or for that matter sexual preferences, got to do with them doing their job?).

Alice, I love the list, thanks for posting it!.

One thing that is obvious from the U.S. Television programmes that we get over here, it takes very little to amuse and entertain an American. ....................... .... Unless of course the jokes on those who buy it for release over here!!!!!

Cheers All