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Thread Name: Mudcat Cookbook fundraiser-post your recipe
Subject: RE: M'Cat Cookbk fundraiser-POST YOUR RECIPE
Holiday Company Dinner


Plentiful even in metropolitan areas - so everyone can have a festive feast.

If possible, trap 'possum and feed it on milk and cereals for 10 days before killing.

Carcuss should be bled and then cleaned/cooled soon as possible after the kill. Fleas quickly leave after the animal is dead. Use gloves when cleaning because of chance of tuaremia infection.

Immediately after the kill, the animal should be bled. Behead it or cut the jugular vein aat the base of the neck, slightly to the side of center. Have a bowl ready underneath to save the blood. You can use it at once or refrigerate it to use later for blood sausage or as a thickener for gravies.

A good way to start the center cut is to slit the skin for about 3 or 4 inches on eigher side of the cut, keeping the loose hairs from the flesh. At this point the innards and intestines will be protruding. But before trying to remove them, hold the hind legs apart and continue a skin-deep cut down the center all the way to the anous. As the alimentary canal, which runs from the mouth to the anus is removed take care not to rupture the thin walled urine sac. Where internal bleeding has taken place be sure to scrape and wash the flesh as clean as possible to avoid "fishy flavors."

Do not skin....but immerse in boiling water (like you do a pig) and then pluck the hair and scrape.

Remove small red galnds in small of the back and under each foreleg between shoulder and ribs.

Par-blanch about 20 minutes each in three changes of water.

Place in large skillet and add
1 lb. sork sausage
1 cup beer
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1 cup boulon
1/4 cup uncooked rice
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
1 teaspoon lemon peel
1 teaspoon molases
salt and pepper.....

Simmer Gently 2 hours....

Serve with turnip greens.

adapted from Irma S. Rombauer's "Joy of Cooking" (The American Household Classic Newly Revised and Expanded With Over 4500 Recipes and 1000 informative Illustrations)