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Posted By: wildlone
24-Oct-99 - 07:14 AM
Thread Name: Patronising jokes about Americans
Subject: RE: Patronising jokes about Americans
A Story from Mother.
Just after the war finished and things were getting back to normal my Mother and three comrades were given leave.
One of the girls parents owned a Norfolk Wherry That had been out of the water for the duration of the war,so it was decided that they would use the leave sailing the Broads getting the craft plimbed.
Obviously being nice good girls alchohol came into it and they would tie up for the night near a pub.
They were in a pub one night when a Group of American servicemen came in, as the girls were in uniform {battledress jackets, trousers, boots and gaiters}the Americans asked why they were there.
Mother being in a jokey mood said we are looking for mines and with the help from the locals had these men believing that the Germans had laid mines in the Norfolk Broads and they were blowing them up.
So when the chance come to extract the urine from the stranger take it.