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Posted By: khandu
17-Sep-04 - 09:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Perhaps now would be a great time to institute the MOAB Online Auction! Think of the throngs who would would pay good money for some MOAB plastic lawn chairs shat upon by MOAB Buzzards! We have much MOAB memorabilia to offer! We have letters from Rumsfeld; words of wisdom from Harry Lee Wigley; poems of grand inspiration from many of MOAB's own MOABites! We have massive untapped resources which can provide more money than Sir Rap promised to give the Etherial Kingdom of Mississippi (but never gave!) HAW!!! We can finally afford that 1952 Chevy DeLuxe that we've been lusting over!!
Hell, we can probably make a million just off of Sheeney & Shiney Knause's brilliance! And the Penelope Papers would top off two mill easily!

And, HEY!! We got the world's best Promo Man right here in MOAB!! Remember his excellent work on the Mudcat CD project? Does "Flood Dick" ring a bell?

YES! Could a more faithful & enthusiastic MOABite than Amos be found? NO!!

Yes & there is more! The MOAB intelligencia (with mental giants such as LH, BWL, Sir Rap, SRS et al) can choreograph this thing so wonderfully that Ebay will never khnow what hit'em!

And Tweed can be the Auctioneer!!! (Come on Tweed, let's here some of that auctioneer talk! Turn me on, big guy!)

Hell This is a great idea!!!

Khacknads who iz alos Tweed


am very drunk tonite