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Posted By: GUEST,Clint Keller
18-Sep-04 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: Anti-Moore 'Revoke the Oscar' website
Subject: RE: Anti-Moore 'Revoke the Oscar' website
Well, the way I look at it--

All the firearm death statistics, the 2nd amendment interpretations, all the pro- or anti- firearm arguments are beside the point.

The point is, prohibition laws don't work. The Noble Experiment didn't, and prohibiting drugs doesn't. Prohibiting porn never has worked. Prohibition laws make things profitable for dealers in the prohibited, and encourage organized crime, and disrespect for law.

What we need is education, but that's not popular because it takes more time than passing a gun control law. Or anti-drug legislation. And if we want people educated we'll have to do something about poverty, and maybe build more schools & fewer jails. And that takes money as well as time, and a painful change in priorities.

Much quicker and cheaper to pass ineffective laws.


Seems to me prohibiting terrorism isn't working too good either.