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Posted By: MudGuard
24-Oct-99 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Chemical Worker's Song (Ron Angel)
Subject: LyrHelpReq: Chemical Worker's Song
Once again problems when transcribing a song from tape.
Performers are "Foreign Feathers".
Problem words as usually marked in red.
Any help appreciated.

The Chemical Worker's Song


And it's go, boys, go
They'll time your every breath
And everyday you're in this place
You're two days nearer death
But you go
They process malamian
I'm telling you no lie
I've worked and breathed among the fumes
That trail across the sky
There's thunder all around me
There's poison in the air
The lousy smell that's a mix of hell
And dust all in the hair.

I've worked among the spinners
Every sin the oily smoke
I've shoveled up the chipsum
It's nigh and makes you choke
I've stood knee-deep in cyanide
Going sick with a coustic burner
Been working rough, I've seen enough
To make your stomachs turn

There's overtime and bonus
Opportunities galore
Oh, the young lads like the money
And the old come back for more
But still you're knocking on now
Looking older than you should
For every bob made at this job
Is paid in flesh and blood.