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Posted By: darkriver
20-Sep-04 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: greatest written comedy
Subject: RE: BS: greatest written comedy
With one exception, I've found all the above suggestions very funny as well. I recently read Thurber's "The Car We Used to Push" to my 14-year-old, and we both ended up on the floor when I got to the Get-Ready Man during the production of King Lear.

Some of PG Wodehouse's funniest effects are achieved only because they are printed--they'd make little sense read aloud. I'm thinking of Bertie's tendency to use initials.

I dunno if I'd laugh now, but I remember thinking Tom Robbins's Another Roadside Attraction very funny.

(The exception I mentioned above is Confederacy of Dunces. My reaction was strange: I read it, and could see what O'Toole was doing, but I just couldn't laugh at it. It seemed too strained or something.