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Posted By: RS
21-Sep-97 - 03:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Hinei Ma Tov
Subject: Hinei Ma Tov - Lyric Addition

Text: Psalm 133:1
Music: Folk tune
Sources: various

Original version:
Hinei ma tov uma nayim
Shevet achim gam yachad

Variation #1: [my version, used at the Women's Song Evening]
Hinei ma tov uma nayim
Shevet achot gam yachad

Variation #2: [Marcia Falk]
Hinei ma tov uma nayim
Shevet kulanu yachad


Non-literal translations:

How good and pleasant it is that friends live peacefully together. [RS]
How good to sit together in peace. [Marcia Falk]

Word by word translation:

Original version:
Hiney=here is; ma=what (is); tov=good; uma=and what (is); nayim=beautiful;
Shevet=to sit, to dwell; gam=also; yachad=together, in unity.

Variation #1:

Variation #2:
kulanu=all of us; note that the word "gam" is omitted in this variation; in the other versions "gam" is not really necessary for the phrase, only for the rhythm

Variation #2 appears in Marcia Falk's newly published "Book of Blessings" - a gender-inclusive rewriting of both the Hebrew and the English of traditional Jewish prayers and songs.


This song has *many many* tunes associated with it, some solemn, some cheerful, some quiet, some noisy, some witty.
The following are the chords to one of the most well-known tunes:

Am - Dm Am / E7 - Am - [I prefer E rather than E7]
[This version, in a minor key, can be done in a two-part round]