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A fundamental matter particle that has strong interactions. Quarks have an electric charge of either +2/3 (up, charm and top) or -1/3 (down, strange and bottom) in units where the proton charge is 1. More Information: Quarks, Strong Interactions

A fundamental particle. Six types (or flavours) ofquarks are known. Up and down flavours are constituents ofprotons and neutrons.The other, heavier, quarks are called strange, charm,bottom, and top.

The basic building block of matter, and the foundation for modern theories of matter and the universe. Quarks combine with gluons to make the protons and neutrons that make up every atom in the universe. There are six varieties of quark: up and down, which make up most everyday matter, and the more exotic top, bottom, strange and charm quarks.

A strongly-interacting fermion that is a building block of hadronic matter. Quarks come in six flavors: up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom.

a fundamental particle that combine mainly to form protons and neutrons

A type of fundamental particle that forms the constituents of hadrons. There are currently believed to be six types (or flavours) of quarks (and their antiquarks): up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom. In quark theory, the baryon is composed of three quarks of different colour, an antibaryon is composed of three antiquarks, and a meson is composed of a quark and an antiquark. No quark has been observed in isolation.