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Posted By: Cattail
20-Sep-04 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Striking for Another Land (Albion Band)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Striking for Another Land
Hello again Lynne.

Well, I have had another bash at it! this time I ripped the track off
the CD, put it into a sound program, isolated the parts in question
and played them back in loop mode, (thereby hearing each section 30-40
times over, continuously, without having to keep backing up).

Anyway I think I've wrung it dry (as far as my hearing goes), and all
I can suggest is the comments I've made alongside your lyrics.
Short of trying to get hold of the original I don't think there's
much else you can do with it, (unless someone else wants to have a go
at it, they may hear something different).

It really is a lovely song, although I wish I knew what they were
trying to say, if you know what I mean. The words don't seem to have
a 'theme' or to mean much, or have a lot of context with each other,
(although this could definitely just be me).

Ah well, here it is, I hope it gives you a little more food for
thought and helps you on your way.

Don't weep for the sorrow is past
Now that we are one we're moving fast.
Our moorings are severed at last
Striking for another land.

Grey skies bathe another grey town                Bound/Band/Banned:
Greyer than the two(?) the mist comes down.        Sounds O.K
There's gold in that other bright crown
Shining on another land.

Sail on for nothing can stop us now
Sail on and speed our vow.                    Still think this is Prow
No storm shall hinder this plough
Striking for another land.
Sail on from memories gone
Sail on to dreams, sail on
No storm shall shatter our song
Striking for another land.

Time glass nearly empty of sand
Come the final hour for? all we planned.                To/Through

No ??????????        
No Boots/Books rule the cool/cruel   Graced/Grazed Stand/Sand/Hand
No boots rule the cruel grey sand/stand

Striking in another land.

One course ??? the cord it is cut                       Sounds O.K
Fortune at the wheel and bargain struck
Sea spray it will freshen your luck
Striking for another land
Repeat 1st verse.

Cheers for now

Cattail !