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Posted By: HuwG
21-Sep-04 - 01:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: greatest written comedy
Subject: RE: BS: greatest written comedy
If the criteria here is purely "written" comedy, then several of the suggestions above must be disqualified as they are visual or recorded humour, rather than written. For example, Monty Python's films, Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and Life of Brian are probably the most hilarious films I will ever see, but these originated as film scripts, designed to be seen rather than read. (Also, the remarkable slapstick skills of the Pythons and the supporting cast contributed to much of the humour).

Likewise, Toms Stoppard's play and film, Rosenkrantz and guildenstern are dead is meant to be seen on stage rather than read.

If the criteria is restricted to that which causes the reader to guffaw suddenly when alone or in company, then obviously Spike Milligan's works must rank high. Also, Wodehouse, Jerome K. Jerome, Thurber and Twain. I have always enjoyed Garrison Keillor's stuff, even without hearing his lugubrious tones over BBC Radio 4.

May I nominate british author Michael Green, who wrote some hilarious books forty years ago on the subjects of coarse golf, rugby, sailing, acting and moving house.