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Posted By: Little Hawk
24-Sep-04 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Republican Party: Dems will ban Bible!
Subject: RE: BS: Republican Party: Dems will ban Bible!
Just wait! "Liberals" have plans to also ban the following once they sieze power:

- monster trucks
- ten gallon hats
- combed-back pompadour male haircuts (like Ronald Reagan's)
- eggs over easy, bacon, and Texas toast
- a free second cup of coffee
- public and/or private prayer
- crucifixes and plastic Jesus or Mary dashboard ornaments
- those big fuzzy dice that people hang from the rearview mirror
- black velvet paintings of Elvis and little kids with big eyes
- SUV's
- bras that lift and separate
- Hell...make that ALL bras!!!
- cowboy boots
- Levis Jeans
- the flag! (Ordinary Americans will not even be allowed to privately buy or fly the Stars and Stripes banner any more! I swear it's true! Those liberals will stop at nothing!)

Now that you that you fully perceive what the liberals are really up is time to go and and VOTE for George Bush, because he will NEVER force you to eat quiche and he will sure as HELL never take away your god-given right to raise Old Glory over your little country homestead!!!!!

By God, the time has come to stand up and be counted! Only YOU can save America from terrorists, sexual deviants, and LIBERALS!!!!!