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Posted By: Ebbie
24-Sep-04 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Republican Party: Dems will ban Bible!
Subject: RE: BS: Republican Party: Dems will ban Bible!
"poisoning the water and air" True
"starving children" Mentally or Physically?
"thowing homeless out on the streets" Perhaps not- but more will soon be homeless
"now allowing african americans to vote." Let's wait for the info from Florida this year.
"taking away healthcare" More cannot afford it, many do not have it.
"giving tax breaks only to the rich   (just ignore the bill today giving tax breaks to 94 million people- don't believe it)" Who will pay your share of taxes? Your grandchild?
"encouraging SUV's (for the Kerry family)" What do you think the bushes drive?
"Killing innocent terrorists" The operative word should be "innocent"
"lowering funing on education (it only increased 49% in the past few years when everyone knows we should have spent more)" Give us the stats AND the source of them.

"Banning the bible is the least of your concerns. " Agreed.