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Posted By: Kaleea
24-Sep-04 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Republican Party: Dems will ban Bible!
Subject: RE: BS: Republican Party: Dems will ban Bible!
As I recall, years ago when congress was cussin' oops I mean DIScussin' restrooms which would be for use by either/or males or females, we were informed that if the bill was made into law all of we ladies would be forced to wee-wee-Madame alongside the menfolk. It just so happens that today I happened to be in a clinic & used one o' them thar very restrooms where I entered, locked the door behind me, & ... oh, yes, they are one holers-them thar restrooms. Oh, yep, almost fergot--they'ze also outfitted to acommodate the handicapped of whichever persuasion happens to be in need. But one at a time!
Trouble is, there are actually people who not only believe these stupidities, but actually preach about them from behind pulpits.
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