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Posted By: black walnut
25-Sep-04 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: Looking for a beautiful guitar
Subject: RE: Looking for a beautiful guitar
I've had the Larrivee for about about a week now. It's great! I may not even need to look for that 'dream guitar' for a while. There's something about the sound of this that is much like a harp - which is one of the other instruments I play. It rings. It's nice to sing along with. It's comfortable. (The only discomfort I feel is in my right wrist, from playing my DADGAD excercises far too much - slow down, girl!). Ulnar nerve seems fine - hallelujah!   My 'open-tuning' teacher, Dave Martin, says that he really likes the look of my guitar -he says that it looks like it was made by the Amish or Shakers. It does - very simple, but pretty. He thinks that the OM-01s are top notch - "a real guitar".

When I'm able, I'm hanging the guitar in front of a speaker and playing Bruce Cockburn CDs to it - really really loud. If you don't know why - read this article by Rick Turner. . It's a fascinating article.