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Posted By: Jim Dixon
26-Sep-04 - 01:00 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tucumcari (Jimmy Driftwood)
Subject: Lyr Req: Tucumcari (Jimmy Driftwood)
Someone has asked for the lyrics to Jimmy Driftwood's TUCUMCARI (not to be confused with Jimmie F. Rodgers' TUCUMCARI—a different song) in several other threads:
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Requests tend to be overlooked when they are buried in threads about other songs or other topics. When you request something, it's best to start a new thread UNLESS there is already a thread about that particular song.

Anyway, I was able to assemble some fragments from various sound samples. Perhaps someone else can do better: of an otter.
The big chief said, "You braves may fight for the hand of my daughter Cari
And the one who lives to tell the tale is the one that she will marry."

Cari hid on the top of the hill where the braves would fight their duel.
The love she had for Tucum burned in her heart like a fuel.
When Tucum....

While he was searchin' for her lips, she pulled her silver dagger
She stabbed it deep into his heart, which made him scream and stagger
She knelt right down by Tucum's side. She could not keep from cryin'.
She plunged her dagger in her own heart, ... her love a-dyin'.