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Posted By: Carl
22-Sep-97 - 12:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mo Ghile Mear (from Sting/Chieftains)
Subject: RE: Mo Ghile Mear
Thanks to both of you for answering.
Kevin, the lyrics you sent are the translation of the gaelic ones I already have. Your comment on the song is very interesting.
The site Wolfgang mentioned contains (parts of) the text I´m looking for. Unfortionately it contains the same gaps as the one I got myself from the record. So I´m still "on air" with my request.
By the way, I´d like to say at this point how interesting all these requests for lyrics are. Not only for getting the lyrics itself but for getting all the background-information on the songs. I remember the request for "Nelson´s Farewell" which was extremely interesting with it´s insights in irish history.

All the best to you all from Carl