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29-Sep-04 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tucumcari (Jimmy Driftwood)
Subject: Lyr Add: TUCUMCARI (Jimmy Driftwood)
Here are the words curtesy of the Ozark Folk Center's Resource Center.

By: Jimmy Driftwood

Tucum was an Indian brave out in New Mexico
Cari was a beautiful maid and she loved old Tucum so.
They promised they would both be true
And someday they would marry.
But they both died on the top of a mountain
And they call it Tucumcari.

Tonopon also fell in love with the big chief's only daughter
He had ten thousand nuggets of gold tied up in the skin of an otter.
The big chief said, "you braves may fight
For the hand of my daughter Cari
And the one who lives to tell the tale
Is the one that she shall marry."

Cari hid on the top of the hill where the braves would fight their duel
The love she had for Tucum burned in heart like a fuel.
When Tucum fell by Tonopon's knife
Up rushed the maiden Cari.
Tonopon caught her in his arms
Said, "Right here we will marry."

While he was searching for her lips, she pulled her silver dagger
She stabbed it deep into his heart
Which made him scream and stagger.
She knelt right down by Tucum's side
She could not keep from crying.
She plunged her dagger in her own heart
When she saw her love was dying.

When Big Chief saw the tragedy, he burst the skin of the otter
The nuggets rolled all over the hill
And around his dying daughter.
He took the dagger from her hand
His voice rang o'er the prairie.
The last words that they heard him say
Was "Goodbye Tucumcari".

The Indian maidens and the braves out in New Mexico
Still fall in love just like they did
A long, long time ago.
They sing and dance and make romance
And when they want to marry
The song they sing in the native tongue
Is "Goodbye Tucumcari".