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Posted By: PoppaGator
29-Sep-04 - 07:08 PM
Thread Name: Jody's children - kids' rhymes from military chant
Subject: RE: Jody's children - kids' rhymes from military chant
I'm sure I've heard the song "You're in the Army Now" in at least one Hollywood movie. I'll bet it is copyrighted, with a known composer and lyricist, etc.

I have learned from links found within earlier threads on this subject that cadence chants were introduced to the US Army in the mid-20th-century by a particular African-American unit, whose leader's name is known and remembered for this unique contribution. (I was surprised -- I'd have thought the origins would have been more obscure and further in the past.)

By "mid-20th-century," I mean that I can't remember exactly when, whether it was sortly before or during WWII. But not that long ago!

Has anyone considered that the children's songs might not come from the "Jodies," but the other way around? That is, that the black soldiers who introduced the practice of cadence-singing might have adapted play-party songs from their own childhood?