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Posted By: Vixen
30-Sep-04 - 08:11 AM
Thread Name: range of d penny whistle/note problems
Subject: RE: range of d penny whistle/note problems
I knew this was out here somewhere--Thank Heavens (and Max!) for the search function.

Ok--here's the situation. I've done Robin's exercises--the octave jumps. I've done what Leeneia suggested about "shaping the note" in my mouth. I now can comfortably and reliably hit the high sol and la on my pennywhistles and both soprano and alto recorder. According to my tuner, they're a few cents within being on pitch (they waver a bit, but not much). Now, here's the new problem--to me and to others, they sound harsh and shrill. If it was just me, I'd write it off to the upper frequency distortion in my hearing aids, but my estimable Reynaud says the notes really do sound shrill and harsh.

I'm about to hop over to chiffnfipple and see what ideas may be over there, but I thought I'd post here first.

Any thoughts?