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Posted By: Joe_F
01-Oct-04 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: More 'Them' Poems
Subject: RE: Song Challenge: More 'Them' Poems
In the early 1980s (or whenever it was the New York City subway tokens were 75c), there was a story in the New York Times about lowlifes who blocked the slots in subway turnstyles, so that the token would be stuck just below the opening. Then, when the first customer had given up in frustration, they would sally forth & *suck* the token out of the slot for use in another turnstyle. The Times interviews an official, who stated that this was "a nonsituation" (his way of saying "not a matter of great concern") & that he had not formed a Token Sucker Squad. This seemed like Masonic material, and I wrote a Them poem that went something like this:

How about them Token Suckers?
Ain't they the pits?
Sucking them tokens
To save six bits,
Sucking that dirty brass,
Sucking it clean,
Lurking in the shadows
Of the turnstile machine,
Hoping Mr Silberfarb
Will wander thru the station,
Hoping they can catch him
In a nonsituation.
How about them Token Suckers?
Ain't they odd?
Keep an eye peeled
For the Token Sucker Squad.
How to be a Token Sucker?
Don't even try it.
It won't get you much,
And it's not a healthy diet.