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Posted By: Azizi
01-Oct-04 - 09:58 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me (John Hurt)
Subject: RE: ISO Tune:'Here Am I, Oh Lord Send Me.'
Okay, I'm back.

I called my mother and asked her if she knew this verse. I sang it, she joined in, and she ended with the line "because he died for all".

I said "Don't stop. What comes next?" And she sang "Go.." And as soon as she said that word I REMEMBERED.

This verse was in the Christmas spiritual "Go Tell It On the Mountain" . The spiritual begins with

Go tell it on the mountain
over the hills and everywhere-ear
Go tell it on the mountain.
that Jesus Christ was born.

I just realized that I thought I read "If you can't pray like Peter" in Guest Stan Hedges' post. But he wrote "If you can't speak like angels and you can't preach like Paul". So I saw what I expected to see based on my upbringing...

Comparing the two versions of these lines, I'd say that the one I remember is more powerful partly because of its sparse use of words for instance {"and how he died for all" or "because he died for all" instead of "You can say that he died for us all".

And I think the version that I remember is more powerfully poetic because of its alliteration: "Pray like Peter; Preach like Paul".

Of course, since it's a free country, you can disagree with this viewpoint. I promise I won't throw a hizzie fit.