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Posted By: Azizi
02-Oct-04 - 10:36 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge-Roaches 1,Tenants 0
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE-Roaches 1,Tenants 0
The thread on military cadences has an example that says "he ain't gonna jump no more". In that thread I wrote that this refrain sounds alot like the African American antebellum dance songs "Ain't gonna rain no more" and "Ain't gonna dance no more".

In 2002 I collected a version of the roaches and bedbug rhyme from Crystal, a thirty something African American woman who lives in Duquesne, PA. Crystal said she "sang" this when she was a growin up in Duquesne:

Oh I work up Sunday morning
I looked up on the wall.
I saw a gang of roaches
playin a game of basketball.

The score was nine to nothing.
The roaches had the lead.
I went and got my roach spray
And sprayed them 1, 2, 3.

You better stop them roaches
crawlin up my wall.
Feed them chicken & rice
and some day they'll be
shootin dice.

The last verse is sung slightly faster than the other verses.

The refrain "it ain't gonna rain no more" appears to have been dropped from this rhyme, at least as Cyrstal remembers it.

I should also say that I have no memory at all of this rhyme from my childhood, "youth-hood," and "young adult-hood". But then again, my memory sometimes isn't worth a hill of beans.