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Posted By: SINSULL
02-Oct-04 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge-Roaches 1,Tenants 0
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE-Roaches 1,Tenants 0
To the tune of Sixteen Tons:

Some people say a roach is disgusting and gross
Poison 'em with canisters; give 'em a dose
Endo Beneberu planned their demise
But blew himself away instead to his surprise.

He loaded eighteen bombs and what did he get?
Missing ceiling, shattered windows, no cabinets
They estimate the damage at 50 grand
But the cockroach infestation's still way out of hand

If you see Endo comin', better run and hide
Lotta folks didn't and nearly died.
He's got his cans of arsenic and cyanide gas
It couldn't harm a flea but lands Mom on her ass