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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
02-Oct-04 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Captain Torres (James Keelaghan)
Subject: Lyr Add: CAPTAIN TORRES (James Keelaghan)
From the ROAD CD liner notes...

"One evening in December 1989 the freighter Captain Torres was foundering in the Cabot Strait in heavy seas and high winds. Knowing there was no hope of rescue because of the severity of the story, and that chances for survival were slim to none, the crew lined up in the radio room and each crew member phoned home to say goodbye. There were no survivors. For a more complete telling of the story, see Silver Donald Cameron's book Wind, Whales, and Whiskey, pgs 132-135. "La mer ne pardonne pas," The sea is unforgiving."


How small the Captain Torres
How high the sea
Gale 10 and engines failing
No quarter No lee
They know when the wrong wave hits them
Perdu, They're gone
They've played their share of poker
They know odds are long
La mer ne pardonne pas

Time yet for consolation
Each makes one call
Signals flash ship to shore
Words plucked From the squall
His heart a deep deep ocean
His voice so small
So faint through all the static
Five words That's all
La mer ne pardonne pas

Do I count myself lucky
I was home the phone was ringing
What of other wives who missed it
Came home to red lights blinking

How strange this world of wonder
Ships sailing planes flying
Sound sent at speed of light
Phone calls from young men dying
These walls bought and paid for
By service On board
Gone months to clothe and feed us
Gone now forever more
La mer ne pardonne pas