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Posted By: Joe Offer
02-Oct-04 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: BS - Peter Yarrow & Political Fundraiser
Subject: RE: BS - Peter Yarrow & Political Fundraiser
Alonzo - there's a lot of difference between a political fundraiser and my daughter. If somebody committed a crime thirty years ago, I think it's wise to keep temptation away from him - even after all this time. On the other hand, I think there's no reason to ostracize him from all activity and to silence his political voice.

Perhaps it IS a "mixed message," as George Bush used the term so often in the debate the other night. It's a matter of balance and judgment - something political ideologues do not understand. George Bush demonstrated that lack of understanding in the debate.

As for defacing bumper stickers, I admit that I've had that temptation. Can't remember if I've given it to it or not. If it were on a private vehicle, I'd leave it alone. If it's posted in a public place where it's not supposed to be, I think it's fair game.

-Joe Offer-