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Posted By: Gene
22-Sep-97 - 05:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Old and in the Way (Stanley Brothers)
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD AND IN THE WAY (Carter Stanley)

Saw this thread/request somewhere, but can't recall which one..anyway, here's a version by The Stanley Brothers..

OLD AND IN THE WAY - Recorded by The Stanley Brothers
Words and music by Stanley Carter

INTRO: [Bb] Only [F] Old And [C7] In The [F] Way.

You know, many times I sat alone here lately, and
Well, I find my mind kinda wandering back in dreams
Yes, I dream about the days that have already passed and gone
Days that, 'course - will never return
I dream about the days back when we'as a-bringin' up our fam'ly
And I worked hard for 'em - yes - I had to work hard ever' day
Each night the kids would come to me - with their little problems
And their little troubles - each one in his own childish way
But now, well, now I'm gettin old - kinda feeble
And each one of the children they've - gone their own way
And now most of 'em, I guess they -
Well, they have children of their own to worry about
So me, I'm just Old And In The Way.

[F] For many [C] years, things were [F] fine
All the [C] joys of life were [F] mine
Now at last, I [Bb] hear 'em [F] say
[Bb] Only [F] Old And [C] In The [F] Way.

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