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Posted By: Willie-O
04-Oct-04 - 07:32 AM
Thread Name: Flatpick problem
Subject: RE: Flatpick problem

  1. replace the original pickguard with a larger one that covers the area you're concerned about.
  2. spend a few --um, bucks, pounds, baht, whatever? --and have a professional do it. The guitar I got from a late beloved Mudcatter has some unfortunate pits in the top from when he removed the oversize double pickguards it once sported--he told me he used the wrong kind of glue to put them on.   
  3. the difference in sound will be negligible compared to your peace of mind unless you happen to be an oscilloscope.
  4. As for resale value, keep the original guard in a drawer somewhere. In case someone cares. Better to avoid the damage. Anyway you're not going to sell this guitar are you?