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Posted By: PoppaGator
04-Oct-04 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: Flatpick problem
Subject: RE: Flatpick problem

I thought "Guest" was criticizing my technnique, not yours -- but I was wrong, since he had used your name. Perhaps I was defending both you and me when I responded. (?) ;^)

I had not heard that spruce tops had actually cracked due to the way those pickguards used to be installed. Learning that explains why Frank Ford instructs us to refinish that "bald spot" after removing an old pickguard, and then to patch the finish and smooth everything out before sticking a new guard on.

I recently gave up my effort to locate the proper lacquer to do that particular job, and applied a replacement pickguard to the raw wood "bald spot." (Mr. Ford himself said it was OK, at least as a temporary solution.) I'm turning the instrument over to a luthier sometime soon for refretting; I'll talk to him about the pickguard replacement, and if he thinks it necessary to do it over again, the right way, I'll have him do so.