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Posted By: Jim Dixon
04-Oct-04 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tucumcari (Jimmy Driftwood)
Not the kind of thing anybody here probably wants to sing, but what the heck! Who knew there was yet another song about Tucumcari? I ran across this while looking for something else.

To play a complete mp3 file of this song, click the link near the bottom of this page.

As sung by Dorothy Shay

If you're ever travelin' west,
I wish you would give my best
To a guy whose name is Two-Gun Harry.
When your train gets into town,
You'll see him hangin' round
In a station that they call Tucumcari.

CHORUS: Two-gun Harry
From Tucumcari,
Oh, I always loved him from the start;
So I'm goin' back to marry
Two-Gun Harry from Tucumcari,
For he threw his lassoo round my heart.

When you hit the station yard,
Just give him my regards.
Won't you tell him please that he must wait thar,
'Cause I'm hittin' that ol' track
And surely comin' back
Even if I have to hop on a freight car. CHORUS

When he's standin' up, of course,
You can tell he rides a horse
Cause his legs is kind o' bent from the saddle;
And you'd know him anywhere,
'Cause he has a certain air
That he gets from bein' close to the cattle. CHORUS

In Tucumcari,
Tucum-carry me back to Harry.