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Posted By: fiddler
05-Oct-04 - 03:29 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth 05 is alive?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth 05 is alive?
From Tony

"donating loadsa dosh (hoho)"

From Anne Croucher
"but there was also considerable speculation about the levels of investment that might be made."

Hello, Whilst I appreciate and understand what everyone is doing don't these two comments show that really nothing has changed! Teh chess board has been re arranged and a new set of pieces put in, tentatively, one one side. If you prove to be too good they will get removed again!

From negative feedback on the grapevine nothing is changing, the Council don't seem to know what they want, the traders other than those who are directly involved and affected (Radway, Anchor, Bedford etc.) have not changed and do not seem to be putting any effort in .....

Tony and anyone else who will be at the 23rd meeting I hope you can come back with some really positive feedback as to what is really happening - and please temper the enthusiasm to keep it there with just a small touch of cynicism that the Council may (out of the public view) have a different agenda - I had my ear bent by the Chair of East Devon council not long back believe me we need a demolition squad to get through the brick walls they are (have) putting (put) up.

I shall miss it this year and look forward to the future, I am keeping my ear firmly 'to the ground'

Good luck and despite my cynicism please keep us all, including me, posted.

If not before I should see you in February.