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Posted By: rechal
22-Sep-97 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Songs to sing with Children
Subject: Lyr Add: PICCOLOMINI
And just what is wrong with spending one's entire childhood at camp? It beats reform school, or at least the one which Joe Offer attended, and it provides one with a marvelous background in singing songs of which most people have never heard. (This deficiency doesn't seem to bother most of the poor folks who are thus afflicted, but my generous heart aches for them nonetheless.)


This HTMLedversion of Piccolomini might give you a better sense of its lyrical structure, although, alas, not its tune. Do I have to have a keyboard or something to make MIDI files? I'd gladly teach it to you if you were here -- we'd Piccolomini 'til the sun came up.


Piccolomini, piccolomini
Piccolomini, piccole!
Lomini piccolo
Mini piccolomini piccolomini pi!
Colomini piccolomini piccolo
Mini piccolomini.