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Posted By: fiddler
07-Oct-04 - 03:50 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth 05 is alive?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth 05 is alive?

Agreed entirely but many of us look at the dynamics and (for once in agreement with Steve of Sidmouth) and can't see a way through the treacle or quagmire.

I personally think there is crass mismanagement by the council to let such an interantionally respected event slip away in the way that it has, and am still wondering about approaching the ombudsman - this would all then reverbarate up the food chain to Arts council, Local Authority, Government and general backing for Folk Arts activities which in the main is low!

The reports on Steves pages would indicate that Steve Heap was not the problem - which would have been a council get out clause, they have now closed that possibility and shown true intransigence and lack of interest.....

But I digress, If there is a chance and If I can be of use I am there - from 2006 - if work life and the Universe do not interfere - as I said B4 I'll be at the Anchor reunion but I probably need a break from Sidmouth next year - for a number of reasons.

It is good that a thread such as this lets people air their thoughts some of which (even the negative ones) may prove useful and may help others to assess the situation.

But then as ever nothing is written in tablets of stone.