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Posted By: Leprechaun
23-Sep-97 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bold Fenian Men
Subject: Bold Fenian Men
I've been looking for a recording of a song I heard part of on the radio several years ago. The part I heard went:

"As down by the Glenside, I spied old woman.
She was pluckin' young nettles.
She scarce saw me comin'
I listened a while
To the song she was hummin'
Glory-oh, glory-oh, to our bold Fenian Men.
Some died by the glenside,
Some died with a stranger,
And wise men have said,
That their cause was a failure.
They fought for their freedom,
And they never feared danger.
Glory-oh, glory-oh, to our bold Fenian men.

It was a female vocalist, I thought possibly Mary Black, but I have been unable to locate the song anywhere since.