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Posted By: Mían
29-Oct-99 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Nil 'na La - a Halloween song?
Subject: RE: Níl 'na Lá - a Halloween song
I have Office 95. I also have programmed onto my keys the fadas. Lemmee see, what did I do to do that? Oh, I did Settings - Control Panel - Keyboard - chose International settings for the language. Then when I want a fada, I use the apostrophe/quotes key before typing the vowel (works with caps, too). The only very minor drawback is the extra strokes you then have to use to get an actual apostrophe. small price to pay for being able to type fadas.

So I type out the lyrics with fadas & all. Then I "file - save as html". Then "view source" and use what u see there to cut & paste to MudCat or whereever.