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14-Oct-04 - 08:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mr. & Mississippi (Patti Page)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE RESERVE'S LAMENT (from Oscar Brand)
USMC pilots in the Korean War created their own parody of this song.
Here are the words of Oscar Brand's adaptation from his 1960 Elektra album "Tell It to the Marines." (IIRC, Brand made only minor changes to the original.) (From



We won't forget Korea and we can't forget old Guam
For Syngman Rhee and Stalin, they made us feel at home
They saved their biggest fireworks until the Marine Reserves came through
And all we got was a crock of turds from you and you and you.

The mortars were terrific and the small arms were intense
The flyboys bombed the front lines and the gobs stood on the fence
The regulars took the desk jobs, the Reserves were called in mass
And they knew that the Marine Reserves were there to save their ass.

Then Congress sent a tour around and they loaded up with Scotch
While they were really living, we had forties up the crotch
They cried, let's kill the bastards, let's drive them to their knees
But their weren't any Congressmen in the list of casualties.

We love you dear old U.S.A. with all our aching hearts
That why we joined the damned Reserves and tried to do our parts
And we won't cry or squawk because we're fighting all alone
Someday the regulars may come and then we'll all go home.

I'm going to raise a family when this cruel war is through
I hope I'll have a bouncing boy to tell my stories to
But if someday when he grows up he joins the Marine Reserves
I'll kick his ass from dawn to dusk 'cause that's what he'll deserve.