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Posted By: GUEST,Steve in Sidmouth
17-Oct-04 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth 05 is alive?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth 05 is alive?
Support from traders in Sidmouth.

This topic has been done to death over the years in the local press and a summary is available on the SeeRed website - page 21 I recall.

The simple facts are that A FEW traders make huge profits and car parks do well for zero investment.

Many traders see virtually no difference (so they say) , some do reasonably and some see losses as their 'normal' trade keeps away from the town.

Asking for support from the whole town rather than just a few traders (about 80 out of population of 13,000) is being tried (see page 50 of SeeRed) but some of us are wondering if we are being asked to support the folk festival we have grown to love if Chas and Dave and the Worzels are prime attractions in the arena.

So much is still unclear for 2005 - camping costs, car parking arrangements, yet dance tickets are on sale with 'rival' dances being suggested for marquees. Would a free for all or some coordination be best? If 2005 is a shambles it will do 2006 no good at all.