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Posted By: Tyke
20-Oct-04 - 08:03 PM
Thread Name: Whitby Tap&Spile Folk Evening) Oct 17th
Subject: RE: Whitby Tap&Spile Folk Evening) Oct 17th
Well I was there I have no idea what the caused the problem with the Paula who was behind the bar on Sunday. However I did see two people who I presume were guests MG John and Flossy in the Tap N Spiel go and make a some sort of a complaint to Paula who was working behind the Bar on her own. What ever the rights or wrongs of the original complaint it has to be said. The complainants committed the worse sin possible they both all be it at different times went behind the Bar and were in doing so well out of order.

I'm sure it never occurred to ether of them that they were by stepping to the other side of the Bar becoming a threat to the Bar staff safety. This is perhaps because of the warm and friendly atmosphere created by Derek Elliot who arrives by the by to run the club at 20.15 and is sat waiting around till nine for enough people to turn up to start if you are there for 20.30 it will start at 20.30. Getting back to the going behind the Bar to chew the Ear of the Licensees Daughter this invasion of space must have caused Paula no end of concern. Especially as just over a week ago one of our regular Musicians who went in to the Tap and Spile on a Saturday was attacked in the bar and had his ear Bitten off and not by a dog. All pubs can be violent places especially those in town centres. It is thankfully a rare occurrence in the Tap and Spile in Whitby! Peter and Sherry do there best to provide a safe working environment for their staff and customers a like. I would like to thank Paula who was standing in for the regular bar staff for agreeing to work that evening. Come on let's give a thought to all bar staff who are dealing with the public they do a difficult job after all.