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Posted By: Once Famous
23-Oct-04 - 03:49 PM
Thread Name: reseating Martin bridge
Subject: RE: reseating Martin bridge
cumbrian, I didn't know you were Richard Bridges attorney.

It has nothing to do talent being handed out. It has to do whith what people know.

People in America know that a Martin or a Gibson is generally a pro quality instrument. Yes, they need repairs occasionally like all others. People here know that investing in a Martin will never cause you any depreciation in your instrument should you want to trade it in.

A luthier in America is certainly the choice for someone to repair a Martin guitar, especially if he is authorized to do repairs by the factory to honor a warranty. Perhaps because they do not extend their warranties overseas says something about the quality of the luthiers in genral outside of the U.S. Generally speaking, of course.